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This is what you need:

  1. Get some hot and sexy and awesome friends

    Round up some friends around the dorms, make sure they are the hottest girls and party guys. See if you all have the balls to win 10k.

  2. Filming equipment

    Ok so we know you guys aren't professionals. Actually, the more amateur the better. But don't be a douche and use a bad camera where everything is out of focus or if it's too dark. Use your phone or some kind of flip camera. HD is pretty standard these days on most cameras, so don't worry about the settings so much as the hot ass you're filming.

  3. Time to sign...

    Anyone showing up in your video needs to sign a 2257 document saying they are older than 18. This is super important, because without it we can't use your totally kick ass video and pay you $10,000. After everyone signs, you gotta take a scan of everyone's drivers license. Make sure everyone signs a copy of the 2257 and does a scan of their license.


    • Don't be an idiot. Anyone in your video must be 18. Why they hell you hanging out with anyone under 18 anyway??

    • As much as we care that you went to so and so university, they don't give a shit. So don't flash us your logo the whole time or talk about it. We're just going to have to blur it out anyway. Don't make us work harder than we want to ;)

    Don't send us your 24 second blowjob clip. If we wanted that, we'd watch our own. Make sure the video is at least 30 minutes long so we have something to work with. Doesn't have to be one long scene, but 30 mins worth of footage